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About WagsInn

The well-being of your dogs depends upon those taking care of them. At WagsInn, we take individual attention and socialization to heart. We have created a safe place for your dogs to get the exercise and loving attention you intended them to have. Our interactive environment helps provide the stimulation your dogs need to be happy and well-balanced. They will enjoy one-on-one attention with staff as well as walking with the pack, chasing balls through the fields, and socializing with other canine buddies.

Personalized attention and cozy accommodations make WagsInn “Your Dog’s Home Away From Home.” Reserve now for your next trip.


Whether you need lodging for a night or for an extended time, your dog will love staying at WagsInn. You may choose which accommodations best fit your dog. We have the Houndstooth Lounge where they can relax on the couch or curl up in the chair. Or, they just may decide to snuggle on the Kuranda dog beds in their own personal suite. Perhaps, just like at home, you’ll choose to have them rest comfortably in their crate in our air-conditioned and heated rooms. For those Great Danes and extra-large dogs, we have the colossal crates for their comfort. Bedrooms in our main house are also available for special needs. Make your reservation today!

  • Comfort Crates: $30/night per dog
  • Colossal Crates: $35/night per dog
  • Deluxe Suites: $40/night per dog, $30 for second dog in same household
  • Houndstooth Lounge: $45/night per dog, $35 for second dog in same household, $25 for third
  • Comfort Room: $50/night per dog (access to TV) / $35 for second dog in same household

*Multi-family discount $25.00 a night for 3rd dog in same household
*Dogs staying with us for 30 days or longer will receive a 20% discount
*All Dogs adopted from Wags Inn Canine Charities receive a 10% discount
*A dog that prefers only people $10.00 extra a night (personal one on one care)

Daycare:Dog boarding in Dayton Ohio

Separation anxiety, aggression, and destructive behaviors can be the result of not getting the proper exercise and discipline they require to satisfy their needs. WagsInn is filled with stimulating activities to relieve such built-up energy. Call us at 937-265-5178 to schedule an appointment.

Daycare with Transportation (per dog):

  • Pay by the Day: $45
  • 5-Day Package: $175 ($25 savings)
  • 10-Day Package: $350 ($50 savings)
  • 15-Day Package: $525 ($75 savings)
  • 25-Day Package: $750 ($250 savings)

Two or More Dogs with Transportation (in same household):

  • Pay by the Day: $40/day per dog
  • 5-Day Package: $150 per dog ($100 savings)
  • 10-Day Package: $300 per dog ($200 savings)
  • 15-Day Package: $440 per dog ($320 savings)
  • 25-Day Package: $725 per dog ($550 savings)

Daycare Without Transportation (per dog):

  • Pay by the Day: $25/day
  • 5-Day Package: $100 ($25 savings)
  • 10-Day Package: $200 ($50 savings)

Note: You will be notified  by text or email when daycare is cancelled due to holidays, weather, or staffing.


After lodging at the Inn, we can bathe your dog in a relaxed and calm setting. Cost is $25-$30 per dog (comb out, shampoo & conditioner treatment). Nail trimming is an additional $10.


Our WagsInn Wagon provides transportation to and from WagsInn Monday through Friday. $30 to $40 average cost for transportation.

*Depends on location and availability*