The Doggy “Cold”

June 26, 2019

The Doggy “Cold”

Our goal is to keep your dogs safe, happy and healthy, as well as, keep you informed. Recently, we had several cases of kennel cough.

cough dog

The Canine Cough, also known as Kennel Cough or a dog cold, is a term used to describe several different strains of viruses that can be contracted by dogs. Just like human colds it is airborne and can easily be passed around by dogs.  The most common symptom is its name sake, a cough. The cough can be a dry honking cough or a wet cough along with phlegm coming up. Some dogs may also have runny eyes or nose while appetite and energy level are usually not affected. Luckily, just like the human cold, it usually doesn’t last long and it is usually not serious.

While it is impossible to completely stop Canine Cough we strive to prevent these germs from spreading. If you hear your dog cough or notice any runny eyes or nose, please do NOT bring your dog to WagsInn.  We recommend you call your vet immediately. Unfortunately, some dogs can carry it without showing any symptoms. 

We do require all dogs to have the bordetella vaccine but it is similar to the human flu shot. There are many different strains and the vaccine doesn’t cover all of them so receiving the vaccine does not guarantee your dog will not come down with kennel cough. As soon as we hear one of your dogs coughing we isolate him. We will notify you and our veterinarian. Antibiotics and coughing tabs are commonly prescribed. The recommendation is to stay away from other dogs for 10 days or when your vet recommends he can return playing.

Please let us know if you have any questions in regards to your dog’s health while staying at WagsInn.


Lori Wolcott


Santa Paws on the Trails

Celebrate our 20th year Anniversary at WagsInn!
We invite you and your dogs to gather with us for
Bring your family and leashed dogs for a walk with Santa on our 25 acres.
Santa will be available for your Family Photo.
Hot chocolate and cookies for all.  Silent Auction items .
A chance to win a 5 day stay at WagsInn
Sunday Dec 2 2018
12:30 -1pm: Arrive at WagsInn with your dogs on leash
1:15pm: Group photo of all dogs and their families with Santa and Mrs Claus
1:30pm: Walk the trails with Santa
Hot coffee, Hot chocolate and cookies
Silent Auction ( all monies go to our rescues)
Santa available for family photos 
Cost for this event:
$25.00 per family in same household.
$10.00 for a family photo with Santa
Click on Paypal or call our office at 265-5178
100% of the proceeds go to our rescues at WagsInn Canine Charities.

Santa Paws on the Trails

Dog Flu

What are the symptoms dog flu?

Kennel Cough (also known as Bordetella) is like the common cold in adults. It is contagious, but rarely fatal and runs its course in a few days. Symptoms include a dry, hacking cough, as if something is stuck in the dog’s throat.

Canine Influenza is highly contagious.  The symptoms are similar, but the cough produced by the canine flu virus is often soft and moist.  The flu cough is usually accompanied by a high fever, lack of appetite, lack of energy and a runny nose.  Pneumonia can develop in dogs with severe Canine Influenza.

Who is most at risk?

All dog breeds are equally prone to the Canine Influenza Virus.   Most at risk are those dogs who are active and social, simply because they are out and exposed more.   Dogs with pushed-in faces (like Pekingeses, Pugs, Bulldogs or French Bulldogs) may have a harder time bouncing back from any respiratory problem.  People and cats cannot contract CIV.

What do I do if I think my dog is sick or has been exposed to the virus?

If your dog is at risk or is experiencing symptoms, get the dog to a vet as soon as possible.  Dog owners whose dogs are coughing or showing other signs of respiratory disease should not expose other dogs to the virus.  If your dog is coughing, as a precaution and a courtesy to others, your dog should be isolated from other dogs–including those dogs in vet waiting rooms.  Clothing, equipment, surfaces, and hands should be cleaned and disinfected after exposure to dogs showing any signs of respiratory disease.


Dear Daycare Parents,


Wow this summer is flying by and it’s been a good time!!   We have a few changes pertaining to daycare. First of all, because of employee medical issues, staff vacations and a full house of guest’s dogs staying at WagsInn we will not have daycare starting on Monday, August 7 through Monday, August 14. Daycare will resume on Tuesday August 15.


Second, after much consideration to the amount of activity on Mondays, we have decided it’s in the best interest of the daycare dogs not to have daycare on Mondays.  Beginning with the Week of August 14th we will no longer have daycare on any Monday. Daycare will be available for your dogs from Tuesday through Friday.


In addition, we want to make sure the day your dog comes to daycare is the best day for him. So if you could please call ahead to set up daycare for your dogs so we can plan for him being here.  To discuss your dogs best day to come call our office and talk with Tina or Laura about which day is the best day depending on the other dogs that are here that day. There are some dogs that would rather not play with each other and there are some dogs who we want to make sure their best buddy is here to play too!!!


We appreciate your understanding about not having daycare next week. Please feel free to contact myself or the office with any questions you have regarding your dog and their play days at WagsInn.


We look forward to seeing them again soon, Lori

2017 Daycare

WagsInn 2017 Daycare Schedule

Dear Daycare Parents,

Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for your dogs. If we go over our capacity limit, your dogs will not receive the time and attention we intended. Because of the holidays and other times of the year we will have no daycare on the dates listed below. These dates will also be posted on our Website and Facebook. Let us know if we can help you with any boarding needs during these times. Thank you for letting your dogs come play with us. Lori

No daycare on the following dates below. Mark your calendars.

Winter break: Feb 21 through Feb 27 (resume Feb 28)

Spring break: March 24 through April 3 (resume April  4)

Easter break:  April 14 through April 17 (resume April 18)

Memorial day:  May 26 through May 30 (resume May 31)

4th of July: June 30 through July 7 (resume July 10)

Labor day: Sept 1 through Sept 5 (resume Sept 6)

Thanksgiving week: Nov 20 through Nov 27 (resume Nov 28)

Christmas and New Years: Dec 18 through Jan 2 (Resume Jan 3)


Daycare Update

There will be no daycare Wednesday, November 2 through Friday, November 4.

Daycare will resume Monday, November 7.



No daycare the week of Thanksgiving, November 21 through November 27. Daycare will resume Monday, November 28.

No daycare December 20 through January 2. Daycare will resume Tuesday, January 3.