The Doggy “Cold”

June 26, 2019

The Doggy “Cold”

Our goal is to keep your dogs safe, happy and healthy, as well as, keep you informed. Recently, we had several cases of kennel cough.

cough dog

The Canine Cough, also known as Kennel Cough or a dog cold, is a term used to describe several different strains of viruses that can be contracted by dogs. Just like human colds it is airborne and can easily be passed around by dogs.  The most common symptom is its name sake, a cough. The cough can be a dry honking cough or a wet cough along with phlegm coming up. Some dogs may also have runny eyes or nose while appetite and energy level are usually not affected. Luckily, just like the human cold, it usually doesn’t last long and it is usually not serious.

While it is impossible to completely stop Canine Cough we strive to prevent these germs from spreading. If you hear your dog cough or notice any runny eyes or nose, please do NOT bring your dog to WagsInn.  We recommend you call your vet immediately. Unfortunately, some dogs can carry it without showing any symptoms. 

We do require all dogs to have the bordetella vaccine but it is similar to the human flu shot. There are many different strains and the vaccine doesn’t cover all of them so receiving the vaccine does not guarantee your dog will not come down with kennel cough. As soon as we hear one of your dogs coughing we isolate him. We will notify you and our veterinarian. Antibiotics and coughing tabs are commonly prescribed. The recommendation is to stay away from other dogs for 10 days or when your vet recommends he can return playing.

Please let us know if you have any questions in regards to your dog’s health while staying at WagsInn.


Lori Wolcott


Dobby- rescue for adoption

Dobby is a 60 pound three year old Treeing Walker Coonhound. He came from a shelter in Kentucky in early 2018 and was relocated to the humane society in Dayton, OH. Dobby struggled in the shelter environment in Dayton and so was transferred to Christian K9 Academy for some one on one training and behavior modification.

During his time at Christian K9 Academy, Dobby has never shown any forward aggression towards people over food or toys. However, while at the shelter in Dayton, Dobby did exhibit aggression over food and toys. After behavioral therapy, food and toys can be taken from him without any reactivity. However, full knowledge of his past history is important to keep in mind.

Dobby would do well in a home without young children. He is fine with kids 13 and older and needs a mildly active environment. He likes to relax but also loves to play! He walks well on a leash and is always willing to please his handler. He would love to continue training and working with his new family!
Please call us to meet with him 937-265-5178 or fill out an adoption application  and email it to us at

Clarabelle – Rescue for Adoption

ClarabelleOutsideName: Clarabelle

Breed: Walker Treeing Coonhound

When my family adopted me, I had never seen the inside of a house or a car and was a bit skittish. My loving family has taught me lots about living inside and taking long walks on a leash, but I still struggle with strangers, tight places, and kids who move in ways that sometimes surprise me. 

I am a sweet girl who is looking for a family who likes to take long walks, has a big backyard to run, and has the time to work through my challenges. I love most other dogs, large dogs in particular because I love to play hard with them, and I love to paw my favorite people.

  If you are looking for a beautiful hound who loves to play and run, call us at 937-265-5178. Download the adoption application


Jet – Rescue for Adoption

Name: Jet

Breed: Black lab blend

If you’re looking for a running partner or someone to play fetch with, Jet is your guy. He’s a very sweet, happy, and energetic dog that needs an active family without small children. He is potty trained, neutered, and knows many obedience commands.

Jet has had a difficult start to his life, but you would never know it by meeting him. He needs someone that is patient and willing to put in extra time to make sure he gets the proper exercise and attention. Don’t we all deserve second chances? Download the adoption application.

Tucker – Rescue for Adoption

Name: Tuckertuckerstars

Breed: Hound blend

Tucker is a hound blend  who loves other dogs and running outside. He is good with kids, but is shy with men. He’s had some issues with men approaching him. Our staff will discuss this at the time of your visit.

Tucker is extremely affectionate with all of us. He doesn’t mind sharing a home with other dogs, but prefers not to live with a cat. He is worth meeting! Download the application